In California saw a large UFO unusual form

Strange object captured on video.

У Каліфорнії побачили великий НЛО незвичайної форми

USA is famous for two things: military aggression and many UFOs that fly over this country. Maybe it’s somehow interconnected? Recently the United States again excelled in this respect: now UFO seen over California, and seen an unidentified object in very strange forms, reports Rus.Media.

Indeed, what forms are not seen “flying saucers”, and to you – now that vignati onions, then a piece of hose.

Mysterious UFO appeared in the skies over San Jose. It is even conceivable that this is some kind of heavenly sign of a Higher power (as did many Americans), because the object was just hanging in the air, almost motionless and without sound. He was not like any earthly drone – these drones just does not happen. But on the traditional alien craft, it is not “pulled.”

Ufologists, however, inclined to think that it’s still alien unit because the alien can establish their drones of any shape. And although the current form is quite strange even for them, it still about what does not speak. In the recent UFO becoming increasingly complex and bizarre form.

The reason is not clear. Maybe the fact that the Earth in connection with the worsening military situation, I come all the new aliens with their aircraft? Here we have to wonder. One cannot wonder the same wild (almost original) of the military aggression of Terran advanced aliens?

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