How to choose clothes for body type – useful fashion tips

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Як підібрати одяга за типом фігури - корисні поради стиліста

It is not easy to find clothes that are perfect for you. Sometimes the quality of the clothes, sometimes through the figure, informs Rus.Media.

Fashion professionals suggest, first of all, stick to natural circumstances and to choose clothes that fit your body shape.


“Pear” is one of the most common types of female figures. The owners of the massive hips, slim waist and narrow shoulders, you need to balance the silhouette due to visually enlarge the upper body and reduce the lower. Figure out what to wear to the representatives of the “pear-shaped” figures:

  • Fitted shirt with classic or stand-up collar and voluminous sleeves.
  • Tops with a deep notched neckline and open back.
  • Blouses with ruffles, ruffles, original breast pockets.
  • Boleros and jackets of medium length with a neat little pdftechnical.
  • Straight and a-line skirt.
  • Free or pants slightly narrowed cut without patch pockets.


The main problem of owners of “Apple” figure – waist, blurred and shapeless hips, but the benefits graceful hands and slender legs. Well-chosen wardrobe will help to mask annoying drawbacks and accentuate the merits of such a build. Most suitable clothes for women of “Apple” complexion:

  • Blouses and shirt in a boxy cut with lace / chain at the waist.
  • Jackets with vertical decorative elements.
  • Tops with square or shaped neckline.
  • Tunic A-shaped cut.
  • Fitted jackets and coats with single-breasted closure.
  • Straight or wide-leg pants with patch pockets and a faded wash.
  • Skirt with pleats.


The easiest way to find clothes for women with a figure of “hourglass”. The main task of the girls with a clearly defined waist and an almost flat circle of the shoulders and hips to emphasize the harmonious proportionality of the physique and curves of the silhouette. The list of things allied the following:

  • Tight-fitting turtlenecks, blouses and shirts.
  • Tops abhartach cut.
  • Jackets with the Basques or unilateral smell.
  • Elongated jackets with 2-3 buttons below the chest line.
  • Trousers with straight or tapered leg.
  • Skirt with Basque, or high waistline.


When choosing clothes for a rectangular shape the main thing is to disguise an awkward space, to visually reduce the waist and give the silhouette more feminine. That is why the girls – “rectangles” should be:

  • Loose blouses and shirts with a wide contrasting belt.
  • Voluminous tops with bare shoulders.
  • Tunic with horizontal pleats at chest level.
  • Bilateral short jackets with a trim waist.
  • Lush pleated skirt.
  • Flared trousers with patch pockets and original decor.
  • Pants Safari with dropped waistband.
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