Folk omens on may 15 – the Day of Boris and Gleb sowers

Also, this day is popularly called as Nightingale holiday, Profit day.

Народні прикмети на 15 травня – День Бориса і Гліба сіячів

Said: “Boris and Gleb things to sow bread.” It was believed that on 15 may, the warblers start singing their songs, and the one who hears the Nightingale in the morning, the whole year will be happy. Also on may 15, bloom ash, reports Rus.Media.

Also the day of 15 may was known under different names: Pandemonium, swiston, Solov ne holiday profits-day, Boris. From that moment began the warbling of the Nightingale. So there was a tradition to go to the forest to catch the nightingales, as the capture of the birds promises a happy life. Captured birds may 15, sold at fairs in the big cities.

Believed that the singing of Solov я15 may heralds the onset of summer. There was a lot of signs that have been associated with this bird. These days could plant cucumbers and squash. So the vegetable freak, on 15 may before planting buried finger. Also prayed, and in the process of landing, by contrast, were silent.

Folk omens on may 15

If the Nightingale all day singing loudly, it means that he accompanies the spring, and it’s time to meet the summer

A clear sunset on the day of Boris and Gleb – the summer will be clear without rain

St. Boris in the people call barishnya, because the people celebrated this holiday in the hope to make a profit – profit. If a merchant in this day successfully sells his goods throughout the year his money will be found

Warm day – a sign that there will be a dark bread

Watched cuckoo. If she was sitting closer to the top of the tree, the spring crops will be high. If it sits closer to the ground, the spring crops will be low, and a rich harvest can not count.

Who, when singing of the Nightingale shirt will throw down, fleas will not bite

Always the Nightingale ceases to sing before the storm

Warm day15 may be a poor harvest of bread

If the cherries bloomed and nightingales sang, then we can expect a two-week cold snap

A bird sings on a bare tree – a sign that there will be crop failure in the garden

The water has receded, and the trill of the Nightingale to hear – it’s time to start sowing

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