Fatal self: in the Carpathian guy broke from the shore, taking pictures on the background of a waterfall

The incident occurred in the resort town of Yaremcha (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Смертельне селфі: на Прикарпатті хлопець зірвався з берега, фотографуючись на тлі водоспаду

Here, near the main attractions of the city, cascading waterfall Probiy is always a lot of tourists. Travelers relax on the beach, taking pictures of the scenery, and the most daring make self, climbing on slippery rocks. And in that day, one of the hikers, 20 year-old resident of the Carpathians, decided to take a picture closer to the waterfall. But, removing self, lost his balance and fell off the cliff into the river Prut. The rapid flow of the mountain river picked up the boy and pulled into the maelstrom.

20-year-old resident of the village Nimshyn Halytsky district fell into a waterfall during the shooting, – have informed in a press-service gschs of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region. The guy failed to save. The scene was directed divers to search for bodies.

Rescuers found the victim at a depth of 8 meters under the rocky shore.

Over the past two years — this is the second case of the deadly self on the waterfall “Probiy”, Yaremche. So, in 2013, it killed 14-year-old Elizabeth Kocur, who came on a tour of Lutsk. The girl tried to take a picture on the background of a waterfall, climbed on the slippery rocks of the shore, but couldn’t hold balance and fell into the river. The girl is not saved.

After this event at the waterfall installed fence and special characters. However, this does not stop tourists in pursuit of a good photo.

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