During riots in the Gaza strip, killing 59 people, among them a baby

Nearly three thousand people are injured.

Під час заворушень в секторі Газа загинули 59 осіб, серед них немовля

May 14, 2018 in the Gaza strip during a protest rally, timed to the opening in Jerusalem of the American depodesta, took place clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli military. According to the Palestinian Ministry of health, as a result of the riots killed 58 people, 2700 – injured. The representative of local health services, Ashraf al-Kidra stated 59-a victim of the clashes. According to him, it became 8-month-old girl who died after inhaling the gas, reports Rus.Media.

– Killed 8-month-old baby in the East of Gaza city from gas poisoning”, — quoted the words of al-Khidr in a text message.

In this case, Ashraf al-Kidra did not specify the circumstances under which the child was exposed to gas that the military used along with a firearm. The Israelis deny the charges in the disproportionate use of force and calls for an international investigation into the bloodshed, explaining it by the need to prevent breakthrough through the border of a crowd of thousands.

Continued unrest is expected on may 15, when Palestinians will mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba — a national catastrophe, the beginning of the occupation and wandering hundreds of thousands of refugees.

According to Reuters, the White house believe that the conflict was provoked by the Palestinian radical movement Hamas.

The European Union in connection with the situation on the administrative border of the Gaza strip, urged all parties to show restraint to prevent a larger number of victims. At the initiative of Kuwait, the situation on the border between Gaza urgently discussing the UN security Council.

At the same time, Turkey has described the situation as “mass murder”. The white house laid the blame on the group “Hamas”. The US said that Israel has right to defend itself”. Earlier it was reported 55 dead and 2400 wounded.

Recall, 6 December 2017, the US President, Donald trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced the postponement of the U.S. Embassy in this city, after which the situation in the region deteriorated.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem after the six day war in 1967 and considers the city his capital. It does not recognize, a number of States and the UN. The Palestinians consider East Jerusalem the capital of their state, but now the Palestinian authority based in Ramallah.

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