Creepy facts about the Maya civilization

The ancient Maya did not call people a Ghost, disappeared in the depths of millennia. Until now, their descendants inhabit the Yucatan Peninsula.The Mayans and the Aztecs were two of the largest civilizations of Central America before the arrival of colonizers from the Old world. Empire of the Maya actually appeared before the Aztec and survived several hundreds of years. Over the last two thousand years it has undergone several major UPS and downs that a few have left one trace of it.

Моторошні факти про цивілізацію майя

15 amazing and sometimes terrible facts, which should help you to become better acquainted with the ancient culture of this mysterious people.

Although their civilization was almost completely destroyed, in many rural areas of Mexico and Guatemala, the culture and language of the Maya persisted with remarkable stubbornness. But who really cares about their roots.

Моторошні факти про цивілізацію майя

At last count, about seven million descendants of the Maya live in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Colombian Mayan serious about physical characteristics of their children and often want them to improve. Mother pressed the boards to the forehead of his descendants, to smooth them. Also it was customary to hang before the eyes of the child any subject, to develop the baby strabismus is one more aspect that emphasizes the noble origin.

Medicine of the ancient Maya were quite advanced. They sewed up the wounds with human hair, to fill teeth and even was engaged in the manufacture of prostheses.

Some Mayans still practice blood sacrifice. But at least they refused the human sacrifice – now you are nothing but chickens.

The Mayans used painkillers derived from natural ingredients, as in religious rituals (both hallucinogens), and in medicine (as an anesthetic).

Like the Aztecs, the Mayans were gambling Mesoamerican ball game. Platforms for the game were discovered in all the major cities of the Empire. Often this game is associated with obezholovlenyi victims who were probably the players of the losing team. And then the severed head, believed to have been used as balls.

Saunas and steam baths played an important role in the Mayan culture. They believed that bathing help to purify their souls from evil.

Ruins and pyramids, which you often see in pictures, were photographed, most likely, in Chichen Itza, one of the largest Mayan cities. They had only recently been purchased by the government from a private owner.

Slaves, prisoners and prisoners of war to prepare for the victim was painted blue, and sometimes tortured. Then the victim was led to the top of one of the pyramids, where he shot a hail of arrows, and if her heart was still beating, carved from the chest of the priest of the temple. Sometimes the assistants of the priest was removed from the victim’s skin, turning in which the chief priest performed a ritual dance.

Maya had a very advanced system of writing and loved to use it that left notes everywhere he could reach, including on the walls of buildings. Unfortunately, most of the records were lost during the Spanish conquest in the New world.

Like the Aztecs, the Mayans never had to deal with iron or steel. Their weapons were made of obsidian (volcanic glass) or volcanic rocks.

In addition to a flat forehead and strabismus Maya nobleman differed from the common beak shape of the nose, all of which was achieved with a special seal, and his teeth were instructionals jade. Speaking of teeth among the aristocratic ladies of fashion was to sharpen their teeth

Моторошні факти про цивілізацію майя

Maya was the first civilization that used the number 0 as a sequence number. Later Indian mathematicians first used it as a mathematical value in the calculations.

Моторошні факти про цивілізацію майя

No one knows exactly the reasons for the fall of the Mayan Empire. Scientists suggest several hypotheses from drought and total starvation by overpopulation and climate change.

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