Captain missing in 2014 the Malaysian Boeing 777 could commit suicide

Captain Zaharia Ahmad Shah was suffering from depression and may have deliberately sent the unit in water.

Капітан зниклого в 2014 році малайзійського Боїнга-777 міг вчинити суїцид

Again, experts have called the most probable the version about a deliberate plane crash “Boeing-777” of Malaysia Airlines in 2014, which could organize the commander of an aircraft Zachariah Ahmad Shah, reports Rus.Media.

Капітан зниклого в 2014 році малайзійського Боїнга-777 міг вчинити суїцид

That is the reason it was called immediately after the disaster of flight MH370. In addition, a similar tragedy occurred on 24 March 2015. Pilot Andreas Lutz pre-planned his suicide and took with him to the other world 149 people. On that day, the pilot of flight 9525 Lufthansa sent the plane nose down into the ground.

In the transfer 9Now on Australian TV experts have said that Zachary was suffering from depression after a divorce. And during a search of his home allegedly found a notebook with information about the preparation of the route change, which was not included in the standard flight plan.

He was going to kill himself. Unfortunately, with him he killed all passengers. It was intentional – says the former heads of the security Bureau, transport Canada Larry Vance.

The commander of the aircraft had deliberately disabled the detection system, and then flew the plane on the border of responsibility areas of Malaysia and Thailand to confuse controllers. Supposedly he made an unnecessary detour around the Malaysian state of Penang – there is the hometown of Zechariah. Ostensibly so the pilot said goodbye to the house, says the pilot and instructor Simon hardy.

Versions of the disappearance of MH370

Kidnapping terrorists-suicide bombers to attack U.S. military base or intelligence agencies in third world countries. On Board were 20 Chinese and Malaysian specialists who were developing chips for military equipment

Collision with UFO

The failure in time (as in Bermuda triangle)


“Boeing-777” Malaysia Airlines followed the route Kuala Lumpur Beijing lost 8 March 2014. On Board the missing plane were 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Among the passengers were two Ukrainians: the Odessites Oleg Costrac and Sergei Dejneka.

This mysterious disappearance has generated a lot of mysterious rumors about the disappearance of the plane.

Only July 29, 2015 on the French island of reunion, managed to find the first fragment. Later examination confirmed that the fragment belonged to the missing airliner.

Then another fragment found in Mozambique, and one on the shore of the island of Mauritius.

Капітан зниклого в 2014 році малайзійського Боїнга-777 міг вчинити суїцид

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