About a man you can learn a lot from what she eats

Digestion, like breathing. Breathing, we absorb the environment, assimilieren it and return what is not used back.

Про людину багато чого можна дізнатися з того, чого вона НЕ їсть

Digestive processes the material experience of the world, reports Rus.Media.

The same thing happens during digestion, although this process is more closely related to the material level of the body.

Breathing is controlled by the Air element, digestion is subject to the inert Earth element. Therefore, unlike respiration, there are strict rhythm, the alternation of absorption and excretion of nutrients loses its clarity and sharpness.

Digestion has features similar to the functioning of the brain, because the brain (or consciousness) processes and digests intangible impressions of this world (not by bread alone does man live), and stomach material.

Про людину багато чого можна дізнатися з того, чого вона НЕ їсть

Consequently, the digestion comprises:

the introduction into the organism of the outer world in the form of tangible experiences;

the separation of these experiences into “useful” and “unwholesome”;

assimilation of nutrients;

the excretion of unnecessary substances.

Before to get acquainted with the problems that can occur during digestion, it is useful to talk a bit about the symbolism of power. You can learn a lot about a person by what information he wants and what not eat (tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are!).

For the “supposedly” random phenomena in the most familiar processes can reveal hidden relationships. A man who wants to eat something specific, shows a very definite condition. When something is necessary it is not to your taste,” his antipathy can be interpreted in the same way as the choice of one of the offered possibilities when psychological testing.

The famine symbolizes the desire to possess, he expressed some greed.

The process of eating is the satisfaction of our desires by obtaining, acquisition and saturation.

If a person woke up a love hunger that is not satisfied adequately, it will manifest physically in the form of love for sweets and treats. Excessive love of sweets and treats – always an expression of unsatisfied need for love. The double meaning of the word “sweet” is clearly manifested in expressions like “you’re my sweet.”

Sweet tooth in children — the evidence that they feel the lack of parental love.

Parents, hearing this, immediately begin to argue that “do for their children everything”. But “love” and “all for them to do” is not one and the same. If the person is all the time eating “something”, then it is clearly not enough love and attention. This rule you have to trust a lot more than their own estimates.

When parents feed their children sweets, they symbolically make it clear that you don’t want to give them your love and so they try to compensate a disadvantage on another level.

People who think a lot and are engaged in mental labour necessary salty food and solid food.

Conservative people prefer smoked, they drink strong bitter tea (it’s usually the food that contains tannins).

People who like spicy food, try to find new stimuli and new experiences. They like to call, even if it is difficult to respond adequately.

People of the other type prefer gentle food – without salt and spices. Such people are very taking care of yourself and try to do without new experiences. They are afraid of confrontation, don’t like to “sort things out”. Fear can bring them to need to eat cereals, as the stomach starts to hurt “nervous”. We’ll talk in more detail.

Cereal is baby food.

Hobby cereals adults clearly testifies to aspiration to children’s immaturity in which there is no need to distinguish or to decompose phenomena into components. They didn’t even have to bite and grind up food (because it looks so aggressive). These people prefer just to swallow. Others dislike conflict manifests itself so much that one day they are in intensive care, where they are fed intravenously – is not the way to resolve conflicts at the expense of others?

Про людину багато чого можна дізнатися з того, чого вона НЕ їсть

The fear of swallowing fish bone symbolizes the fear of someone else’s aggressiveness. The fear to swallow the bone – and the unwillingness to have a problem because I do not want to penetrate the essence (core) of things.

But an opposing group of people who are looking for a problem. Them any price you want to penetrate the essence of things, so they love solid food. Unwillingness to live without problems is quite striking.

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