5 major reasons when the car has a blown tire

It so happens that gradually, over several days reduced the tire pressure.

5 основних причин, коли в автомобіля здуваються шини

You blow, and again they leak air. What could be the reason?

The reasons for bloating of the wheels may be several. We invite you to consider the main ones for tubeless tyres, as they meet most often, reports Rus.Media.

Damage to the drive.

Usually, any damage leads to deformation. This often happens when the wheel hits something at high speed. The tire tight against the rim and leak air. To diagnose damage alone is not always possible – it may be covered with the inner side of the disk.

Depressurization valve.

Due to mechanical impact, ingress of dust particles can occur depressurization valve (the nipple). In this case, it gradually descends, the pressure in the tires.


One of the most obvious reasons. It happens that a car runs into a large sharp object (such as a nail or splinter) that is stuck in the puncture site. In this case, the air will gradually descend. If the punctured tyre with the camera – it will snap instantly. It threatens to crash.

A lateral cut.

Thus it is possible to damage the tyre on a curb, edge ruts, protruding sharp objects. Usually, if there’s a cut at the side, the tire must be changed.

Temperature difference.

No matter what the manufacturers say, any tire reacts to temperature changes. In the cold season it is narrowed, the pressure drops slightly and the wheel should be good. At high temperatures the reverse effect.

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