43-year-old Eva Longoria has arranged a lavish party before birth of first child

What a cute frames.

43-річна Єва Лонгорія влаштувала розкішну вечірку перед народженням первістка

The role of the seductive Gaby in “Desperate Housewives” made the U.S. actress Eva Longoria famous all over the world. Eva, like her character Gabrielle Solis, has never suffered from lack of attention, moreover, it has always attracted younger men. However, finding personal happiness, the star is destined to only 43 years, reports Rus.Media.

In may 2016 Longoria after three years of marriage, legalized relationship with Mexican businessman Jose Antonio Baston.

From day to day Eva Longoria for the first time will become a mother .

In honor of the impending appearance of the baby on Sunday, may 6, Eva, as is customary in the United States, a lavish party baby shower, literally translated as “baby shower”.

In fact, the name of the holiday was from the tradition of literally “showering” the mother with gifts.

At the event were seen celebrities such as Melanie Griffith, Sophia Bush, Rosalyn Sanchez, Elizabeth banks.

Eva did a holiday theme by asking guests to come in pajamas and I wore a gorgeous white dress.

The color scheme of the party was yellow-white, so the star in your white dress is very harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the holiday.

All night the actress gave smiles and glowed with happiness.

By the way, Longoria did not hide the gender and name of the heir. Judging by the hashtag #BabyBaston and the inscriptions on the scenery, maybe it’s a boy, call him by Baston.

Example Eva Longoria is an inspiration for women who dream of becoming mothers, whose age is well over 30. It’s never too late to realize their dreams in life, because the willingness to be a father everyone comes in different ways, and it is very important that this desire was deliberate. What do you think about this?

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