What to do if the speed strikes the front wheel

Most drivers don’t really know how to act in a similar situation.

Що робити, якщо на швидкості проб&#039є переднє колесо

One of the most difficult, almost hopeless situations, driving is the break of the front wheel while driving at high speed. In addition, most drivers really don’t know how to act in such a situation.

First, the problem is always easier to warn the driver must regularly monitor the air pressure in the tire, or even healthy, but weakly inflated wheel with a sharp turn of the wheel can “strike” drive on the pavement. Then the machine will receive a “fulcrum” and under the action of centrifugal forces has the potential to spread to the roof. No wonder in recent years, many manufacturers use a system of monitoring air pressure in the wheels and not afraid of punctures tyres with hard sidewalls. Keep in mind, that overinflated tires are bad too: at elevated pressure reduces the tire contact patch with the road, which leads to deterioration of controllability.

Secondly, while driving, especially at high speed, it is important the right fit, and in particular, the driver must be able to perform all the necessary manipulations quickly, without taking the back of the chair.

Grip steering is also important: it must necessarily hold with two hands. If the gap the rear wheels may not be noticed, when you puncture the front wheel is quite noticeable pull to the side. Even though owners of cars with power steering have a slight advantage – the amplifier will temper the temptation to keep one hand on the wheel would still be difficult. Than heavier the better for the driver: lightweight car easier to withdraw from the “state of balance”. This does not apply to SUVs: they almost always have high profile tires when a puncture occurs quite noticeable roll.

Third, if struck the front wheel and the car pulled to the side, in any case not to brake: the car can spin like a top. Grab the wheel and try to adjust the movement, releasing the gas. When you are able to control the car – it will go on the road with a small skid, – begin gradually to slow down.

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