What dream dead?

In our minds firmly lodged superstition that to dream of a deceased relative is a bad omen, but this is a mistake.

До чого сняться покійники?

Relatives no longer with us, come to our dreams not to harm, but to remind you something important or warn you About upcoming changes in life.
The most popular version that exists in the people, links the emergence of the deceased in a dream that his living relatives have not visited the cemetery. But there are other interpretations, informs Rus.Media.

  • You need to pay attention to their welfare: to improve the financial position of, to deal with health or improve personal life. After such a dream is desirable to remember the dead and to order prayers.
  • The phenomenon of a relative of the deceased marks the imminent appearance in your life for new opportunities, which should certainly use.
  • It is a signal that it’s time to focus on your true desires and find time for themselves and solve their problems.
  • This dream is a symbol of some important things or events in your life that will end soon.

Analyze sleep, remember the details and then will be able to understand for what purpose it is came dead. For example, if you dream you were talking with deceased now or grandparent, think about health and recreation. Perhaps you work too much and are tired. Received a letter from the deceased – will soon learn some secret. If in the dream a dead man drinking tea, waking up, remember all deceased loved ones and do not do in the near future risky behavior.

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