What does the name Diana: the origin, character

Diana in Latin means “divine”.

Що означає ім&#039я Діана: походження, характер

Meaning: Diana is from the Latin means “divine”, reports Rus.Media.

Origin: In Roman mythology – the goddess of moon and hunting (in Greek mythology Diana meets Artemis).


Grow calm, kind and obedient children. They are flexible, sensitive to the misfortunes of others and very Galustov. Little Diana time and again gets from mom that brings home a stray kitten.

The name Diana sounds firmly, and in nature this girl is really quite pragmatic, even hardness and stubbornness. Because of these qualities she manages to achieve success in life. However, Diana is a kind person, she, as a child, responsive and always ready to selflessly help those who are in trouble. However, to deceive Diana difficult, it is endowed with a great intuition. Sympathetic she doesn’t tolerate people cold, uncaring, consider themselves “balanced”. Diana – a good hostess and welcoming. Her favorite colors: blue, purple, black.

“Winter” – with a hard, somewhat masculine character, they are stubborn, will always make his own way, even if I understand that wrong. Not able to find a common language with their own mother. They are the undisputed leaders in the house and at work, where they have many friends, mostly men. Confident and determined – will take up any work and execute it. Know how to quickly dispose of his people, but just as quickly and without regret breaking up if the circumstances require. Often married twice.

Profession Diana engineers, Actresses, dancers, hairdressers, teachers, dressmakers, designers, fine art experts.

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