To the aircraft Shoigu approached NATO fighters

NATO fighters approached the plane Sergei Shoigu for several kilometers. Aircraft of the Minister of defense was accompanied by su-27.

До літака Шойгу наблизилися винищувачі НАТО

The plane of the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu was pursuing NATO fighters. The Russian official went on inspection to the Kaliningrad region.

A Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets flew within a few kilometers, but did not come close to the aircraft Shoigu. Aircraft of the Minister of defense was accompanied by fighter jets of the naval aviation su-27.
The Minister of defence has arrived to Kaliningrad region to check the construction of infrastructure and the training of local military units. Shoigu also intends to visit the airfield Chkalovsky. There are reconstruction and verification of the educational process of the Baltic naval Institute named after Ushakov.
Shoigu also checked the progress of reconstruction of the Harbor the naval base in Baltiysk. According to him, the need to build not only military targets but also social. “Where would the crews of these ships and their families can comfortably live and relax,” said the Minister.

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