This is the first country in the world where the cigarettes will be planted!

Best practices or attack on freedom?

Ось перша країна в світі, де за сигарети будуть саджати!

In the Republic of South Africa was a new bill that proposes to give up to three months in jail for Smoking in public places and up to a year in prison — employers at fault which subordinates were the victims of passive Smoking, reports Rus.Media.

The draft law “On control of tobacco products and electronic delivery systems,” prohibits Smoking in all enclosed public places and all enclosed workplaces.

This means that the restaurants will no longer be special places for Smoking.

Also Smoking is prohibited in cars in the presence of the passengers, including minors (under 18).

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and cigarettes will be forced to remove from the packing any branded items in addition to company logo, otherwise they face 5 years in prison.

The bill says that the packaging of tobacco products must have a uniform color and texture”.

“Tobacco use causes enormous harm to the health of smokers, non-smokers and other consumers of tobacco products, — said in the explanatory note. — Smoking leads to serious addiction”.

In addition, the bill proposes the following measures to combat Smoking:

If in public and work places aren’t posted signs banning Smoking, responsible for this person is punished with imprisonment up to five years.

For the installation of the machine trade in tobacco products — a prison sentence of up to one year.

For sponsorship activities through corporate branding, advertising and promotion of products of tobacco companies — a prison sentence of up to five years.

For the financial or other promotion of cigarette sales in retail trade — a prison sentence of up to five years.

Until August 9 members of the public have the opportunity to discuss the proposed legislation and make their comments, after which it will be submitted for consideration to the National Assembly.

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