There is only 1 exercise that really relieves lower back pain

To clamp down on the sciatic nerve.

Є тільки 1 вправа, яка реально позбавляє від болю в попереку

The sciatic nerve is one of the longest and most important in our body. It starts at the bottom of the spine and leads on to the hips, knees and heels. And some of its branches stretch out even to the fingers, passes Rus.Media.

If the sciatic nerve passing, it can cause severe pain in the back or in the back of the thigh. This problem frequently occurs in people aged 35 to 50 years.

Worst of all, when the pain in the lower back accompanied by chronic fatigue and leg pain. If this problem is not addressed, the pain may soon become tedious.

It is important, of course, in time to see a doctor to prevent complications. But until you have reached the desired Cabinet, try one simple exercise that will help relieve the pain.

Exercise “butterfly”

Є тільки 1 вправа, яка реально позбавляє від болю в попереку

Sit on the floor. Fold the feet with the feet together in front of him.

Help yourself with the hands and bring the heel and forefoot together. Then slide the legs to the torso as close as possible.

Now lower the knees, pull them to the floor. From this exercise resembles the flapping “wings”, so called “butterfly”.

Start doing this exercise 30-60 seconds. In the process the main thing – calm down and breathe deeply. Gradually increase the time.

This ancient exercise from the yoga tradition. Most useful for women.

Apart from back problems, it helps to tone the kidney, to correct urogenital problems, to prevent herniation and sciatica. And it strengthens the uterus.

If you will do this exercise every day in the morning, in fact will immediately notice that the pain and discomfort in your life has become much smaller.

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