The type of men who face premature death!

Experts cited three main reasons for this phenomenon.

Тип чоловіків, яким загрожує передчасна смерть!

Recognized fact: men live less than women. According to the State statistics service of Ukraine, the average life expectancy in our country is on average 70.4 years. While for men it is only 65.2 years and for females 75.5 years. But in Europe, the figures are 10 years older, reports Rus.Media.

Тип чоловіків, яким загрожує передчасна смерть!

But British scientists have identified how men are threatened by early death. The results obtained after the study, a large number of negative emotions directly affect life expectancy. The most dangerous emotion is recognized as anger and resentment.

Therefore, it turns out that the average life expectancy of men who can’t control their anger and often angry, some years less than calm men.

The same scientists from the UK said there are three main reasons for this phenomenon.


men who are prone to negative emotions have higher stress levels. As you know, chronic stress significantly reduces the body’s resistance to diseases. Our men have always held positions of leadership, were involved in hazardous occupations. Now this is the fourth year restraining an armed enemy in the East. All this together is a source of endless stress and objective reason there is anger and rage.


habit suppress their emotions and close them myself, trying not to burden loved ones, leads to the fact that men have more frequent strokes and heart attacks. Pent up anger, not to vent anger over time result in serious disease that can cause death.


men can’t control their emotions are more likely to have bad habits because of his temperament- including alcohol abuse and Smoking. Sometimes the list is added to the negative habits and addiction. All these ways men are trying to extinguish within himself the accumulated negative emotions, to speak which they were not accustomed – no in our society a full-fledged Institute of psychological assistance. And all the bad habits – the main instigators of heart disease and blood vessels.

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