The secrets of saving – very useful tips

With age, people begin to understand that saving does not mean to limit yourself.

Секрети економії - дуже корисні поради

It’s about spending money wisely and not to remain without a penny a week to pay, informs Rus.Media.

The secrets to saving is simple: the family budget needs to be spread out in 7 different colored envelopes. On each of them to write for what purposes it is intended.

  1. The envelope Products the most dense, because the food spends a large part of the budget, but this amount should not exceed 50% of your total income.
  2. “Communal” without this envelope will not do. They include the costs of rent and utilities, and also telephone and Internet. The average is roughly the same amount per month (in the winter it is more due to heating).
  3. Money out of the envelope “Children” are allocated to meet children’s needs, including the costs of clothes, shoes, toys, visits to the sections. If you have children that you would like this envelope to be cancelled.
  4. In the envelope of “Things” stored the money to buy clothes for you and husband (if any), as well as furniture and other household items. It is necessary to compile a list of needed items, and every month can buy from most needed at the moment.
  5. Envelope “Leisure” is intended for spending on entertainment and Hobbies, from trips to the cinema up to the amount that can be slowly saved for a trip to the sea. Who would think that this is not the obligatory spending, but it is not. Rest is essential, especially for the whole family.
  6. The “rainy day” delay envelope “Piggy” – not less than 10% of the total budget, and all “unplanned” income. Periodically transfer these savings to Bank account.
  7. The last envelope “Gifts”it’s the end of the month match the money that is left in other envelopes (except for “Piggy Bank”). Of this money, treat yourself and family surprises, as well as allocate money for gifts for friends.

The main rule – not to take money from the envelope than those purposes for which they are intended. And if you really pressed, it is necessary to record the amount of debt in the next month to try to get it back. Such strictness in the calculations need not to stay in the end of the summer holiday or buying irons is broken.

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