The lottery winners, who cursed

Win huge money in a lottery changes any person.

Переможці лотерей, яких прокляли

Often, the better, but sometimes it happens that other than a curse for the big jackpot it will not be called. Especially for these people, reports Rus.Media.

Переможці лотерей, яких прокляли

Abraham Shakespeare

Abraham Shakespeare insisted that he won 30 million dollars will not affect his personality. But the curse came to him from the other side: Doris Moore, evil temptress, suck up to the winner, has spent millions of dollars on himself, and then shot Moore. The thief was quickly caught and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Переможці лотерей, яких прокляли

Basil Thorne

Win Basil Thorne was bypassed in 1960, all the London Newspapers. £ 100,000 — journalists like gave is for all young fans of easy money. A Stephen Bradley decided that he could use this money. He kidnapped the son of Torna, Grima, and demanded a ransom. Unfortunately, the robber is not very good with anesthetic and injected the boy with a lethal dose. Police found Bradley after a few days and he immediately went to jail forever.

Переможці лотерей, яких прокляли

Uruj Khan

Three million dollars was made Khan a happy man America. However, it was short-lived: after the press conference, the winner suddenly felt ill and went to hospital. With her, he no longer came, and the autopsy showed a massive dose of cyanide in his blood. Who poisoned the lucky winner so nobody knew.

Переможці лотерей, яких прокляли

Andrew Whittaker

After receiving a 314 million dollars on hand, Tex Whittaker imagines himself elected. He donated large sums of money to charity and even built several churches. Unfortunately the wealth corrupted the beloved granddaughter of Andrew, a 15-year-old Brandy. She very quickly got used to of banned substances, and then kidnapped. The body was found only two years later. This incident literally destroyed family life Whittaker, who still lives a hermit.

Переможці лотерей, яких прокляли

Mary Lou Devrell

Family Dewrell won 5 million dollars. With money they could not contact and therefore hired a financial consultant, Peter Kelly. He received all accesses to your Bank accounts, quickly got a taste and spent about a million dollars. In an attempt to cover the shortage, Kelly came home to Deverell and dispute scored Maria to death. The financier was given 20 years imprisonment.

Переможці лотерей, яких прокляли

Evelyn Adams

First Kush Evelyn tore down 1985, the second a year later. Just pockets udachliv Americans settled approximately $ 6 million. Another in his place has calmed down, but Adams drove greed. Just a few months gambling woman blew all the winnings in roulette and now lives in a small trailer, forced to eat fast food.

Переможці лотерей, яких прокляли

Kelly Rogers

Two unplanned pregnancies, two of the (fortunately unsuccessful) attempts to settle scores with life and a complete bankruptcy — such is the fate of Callie Rogers, 16 years, won $ 2 million. The test of money, the poor man could not resist: expensive cars, a crowd of gentlemen, liters of premium spirits… Nobody just explained to Kelly, what money have come to an end.

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