The hit “Only dreaming” was 20 years old

A whole generation, this song, and Sergei Zhukov continues to gather full houses.

Хіту «Лише про тебе мріючи» виповнилося 20 років

When the group “Hands up!” appeared on the pop firmament, only the lazy did not accuse their songs of vulgarity and lack of taste. However “command-ephemeral”, as they called them journalists, were given one hit after the other. It feels like Sergei Zhukov and Alexei Potekhin was born to bake hits, as grandma pies. One of these tracks was the song “Only dreaming”, which was released on the CD “turn it up!”. However, today Sergey Zhukov says that at the time of any hits they with Alexey Potekhin and did not think to think. They just wrote songs that somehow become popular, reports Rus.Media.

For the song was shot clip, which was filmed in Moscow in April 1998, the walls of the Theater of the Soviet Army. And soon none of the shows are not complete without a performance of “Only dreaming”. As with other hits, during the performance of this thing had some unusual things. “Have you ever noticed that sometimes, even forgotten the words, — says Sergey Zhukov. — Looking around the room, and there’s a guy trying to throw the girl to the ceiling. And she, happy, with a squeal falls down on his hands. What songs at this point? Stand and pray that is not broken”.

Хіту «Лише про тебе мріючи» виповнилося 20 років

Sergey Zhukov and Alexey Potekhin brought to mind the whole country as a Duo, “Hands up!”

While the songs “Hands up!” the boys carried their girls on hand, the girls were on hand buses with the musicians. Fans watched their Pets in hotel rooms, hiding under the bed or in the bathroom. To escort unwanted visitors, musicians had to “pay off” autographs. “Only about you dreaming” — I had to write them on various parts of the body.

But sometimes the musicians themselves, to have fun, organized a small show. Most of all usually got Alex Pachino. Since he was a keyboardist, most “insidious” ideas were related to his tool. “Once, before the performance of “Only dreaming” we are stuck with press tape sticky side up — recalled Sergei. — Alex came out, solemnly put my hands on the tool, clicked… and firmly stuck. As the musicians play, the audience is looking to be answered. So he tried to pull out the stuck fingers from the tool so that no one noticed. Jumping around the keys in tact and spoke Neltharion trying to get into the articulation of the songs.” That’s so romantic!

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