The earth is the “missing” asteroid

2010 WC9 will approach Earth close enough.

До Землі наближається «зниклий» астероїд

The earth is the “missing” asteroid 2010 WC9, EarthSky reported, citing employees of the British Observatory Northolt Branch.

About it writes Rus.Media.

2010 WC9 first noticed on 30 November 2010 using Kalinskogo sky survey in Arizona. Astronomers were able to observe the space object just before the first of December, after which he disappeared from sight. After nearly eight years the employees of the American Observatory was again able to fix 2010 WC9.

Rapprochement with the celestial body will be held on may 16 at 01:05 Moscow time. 2010 WC9 will take place at a distance of about 203 million kilometers from Earth, its speed will be about 46 thousand kilometers per hour. Diameter in the range of 60-130 meters.

As EarthSky notes, 2010 WC9 will approach Earth close enough: distance of 0.53 distance from our planet to the moon. Astronomers stress that there is no danger of a collision.

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