The Conversation Tsipras-Putin. Tsipras was speechless by the revelations of Putin. There will be war?

In a state of General anxiety was the Governor’s mansion Wednesday, after telling the defense Minister Panos Kammenos about the upcoming telephone conversation between President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Greece Tsipras.

Розмова Ципраса-Путіна. Ципрас втратив дар мови від одкровень Путіна. Буде війна?

Russian officials informed about the upcoming telephone conversation Putin-Tsipras with the beginning of the week, and Panos Kammenos, gave a clear indication of the Greek intelligence service to do everything possible to protect the conversation Tsipras-Putin’s foreign interception!

Surprisingly Kammenos, have heard from Russian officials: “We know very well, and our President also informed that a telephone conversation is intercepted! And we know who will be behind this, calling the United States and Germany!”.

“But our President is not particularly worried about it! Because he said… it’s better they will listen!”

Thursday at noon the phone rang in the office of Prime Minister Tsipras. At the other end of the line was Russian President Putin, who surprised Tsipras his greeting, saying in Greek:

“Good afternoon, comrade.”

Laughing with delight, Tsipras also said in Greek: “Good day, comrade-” and then the two leaders started the conversation. The President invited Tsipras to visit Russia, and discussions of the two leaders focused on the situation in Ukraine and other international issues, including the South Stream and Turkish Stream”

Mr Putin congratulated Tsipras with victory in the recent elections. And after they exchanged compliments to each other, Putin moved to the point without going around: “I know that the Greek people are going through, it was defeated and Russia in 1989-90 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union! I know, and who is to blame!”

Then he continued: “Germany is still making the same historical mistakes of the past. The experience of the second world war, she began a lesson, the division of Germany into West and East. We can’t let Germany for the second time to destroy the Greek people to demonstrate who calls the shots in the EU, and to intimidate other southern countries”, – Putin said in an angry tone.

And then Putin said: “Russia will demand reparations from Germany”, – the Prime Minister of Greece Tsipras proposed a joint appeal to the European court!

“Although it may not be necessary”, – Putin added: “depending on the results of the Ukrainian problem, maybe not enough to appeal to the European court, and resolve our differences once and for all… WAR”

At this point Tsipras was speechless! And with him, and probably foreign agents of the United States-Germany, hearing the listen to the message of Putin.

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