The 2018 rapture: when, what you can and cannot do

The feast of the ascension, which in 2018 will be May 17, all followers of the Christian faith on the fortieth day after Swage celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Вознесіння 2018: якого числа, що можна і не можна робити

A day after a Light Hritova Sunday, timed to coincide with this event the New Testament as the ascent of Jesus Christ to the throne of his Father – the Almighty.

It is believed that on this day Jesus went to Heaven, ending his earthly journey. On the 40th day after his resurrection, he ascended into Heaven in the flesh and gained the Kingdom of heaven. In memory of this event and of the promise of Christ concerning his second coming, it was decided to establish the feast of the ascension.

Interestingly, each year this festival always falls on a Thursday. Here also there is a direct link with the Passover of Christ. After all, the number 40 is not divisible by 7 without a remainder, therefore the day cannot fall on a Sunday or any other day except Thursday, informs Rus.Media.

What can I do for Ascension?

To honor the memory of ancestors. To pray, to praise Jesus and his Father (to send to Heaven their prayers not only in Church but also at home).
To be in the circle of his family. Think about good things.
To help all the suffering people (a fool, a beggar, crippled).
To make optimistic forecasts for the future.
To please their relatives with gifts.
Ask Christ about the fulfillment of your dreams through sincere prayer.

It is believed that on this day Jesus available to all people.

What not to do on the day of ascension?

So Jesus was merciful, always around to help, protecting your family, you need to spend a holiday:

no cussing;
don’t ignore the opportunity to do charity work, helping the disadvantaged and the poor;
not to swear and not to find out relations with anyone;
not to do some work around the house. This refers to washing and Ironing clothes, sweeping and washing floors, collecting dust, construction of outbuildings, wells, mending and sewing clothes;
not to gossip;
not to say the phrase “Christ is Risen” and “Truly he is Risen”, as in the day of ascension, the Shroud is carried outside of the temples;
not to blaspheme
to prevent negative thoughts and not to fall into despair.

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