Supported the house clean without household chemicals

When my son was allergic to most household chemicals, it was necessary to think about the alternative.

Підтримуємо чистоту в будинку без побутової хімії

And then I remembered what purity was always in the house at my now deceased grandmother. But it used to support only home remedies. Well I remember some of them:


  • To polished furniture gleamed, they should be cleaned from dust with a woolen cloth, which had previously to carry a few drops of castor oil.
  • The same rag to wipe the large leaves of house plants – an excellent replacement for the purchase paroly.
  • Mirrors and glass in the house try to wash with a solution of potato starch dissolved in cold water (1 tbsp to 1 liter water). And to enhance the reflective properties of mirrors is to wipe them at the end solution of potassium permanganate and buff with a paper towel.

Washing dishes

  • Starch solution well and wash the dishes. Then it is necessary only to rinse with clean cold water from the tap.
  • Instead of the solution of the starch you can use a piece of potato tuber.
  • Dishes with sustainable pollution (pots, pans) RUB hard with a sponge, dipping it in the soda or mustard powder. In the same way to wash porcelain or ceramic plates, cups. And to Shine enough at the end to rinse them in vinegar solution (1 tbsp to 1 liter).


  • Colored things soak in cold water with salt (1 tbsp per 1 liter) for 1-2 hours, then rinse. Unlike washing powders, dyes from salt solution are not washed and do not fade.
  • For washing woolen clothes boil in 2 liters of water a handful of white beans. Then strain the broth, pour it in a bowl with 5 liters of cold water and soak in the solution on overnight. Wool then shoot up and curl into pellets.
  • Bed linen, towels should be boiled. Type in a large tank of water. Pour into it the shavings of soap and baking soda (1 tablespoon to 1 liter). When additives are dissolved, lower things. They cook for 10-30 minutes (depending on contamination), stirring all the time. Then leave until cool. Rinse in cold water.

Here you clean without harsh household chemicals!

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