Sergey and Snezhana old wives starred absolutely naked

Exactly 10 years ago, Sergey and Snezhana Babi made one of the most important in his life deeds — were married. Since then they are inseparable and today, the most sincere couple is not afraid to share and show the most intimate details of his life.

Сергій та Сніжана Бабині знялися абсолютно голими

So, in honor of the anniversary the couple agreed on a candid photo shoot. Naked in front of their fans in an interview, Sergei and Snezhana told about how to handle any family issue, your favorite po Sergei Babkin, Snezana wants to write a book and what most irritates them about each other, reports Rus.Media.

“There’s nothing to hide, and in a roundabout way trying to imply, no hints will not help. It is necessary to say openly what you like and what not. It helps to develop the second half makes it better. Because, if everything accumulates, sooner or later it will explode in the most unexpected moment”, — says Snezhana.

Сергій та Сніжана Бабині знялися абсолютно голими

“I knew that, if it happens – it would be a disaster. The phrase that “the earth move under my feet”, seems so poetic, but for me it was true, I have everything collapsed, I cried, cried…,” — added the wife of Sergei.

Сергій та Сніжана Бабині знялися абсолютно голими

Told Snezhana and intimate things:

“This is his favorite position by the way, standing on my knees (laughs). I said, “Sergei, I’m not mad,” but he can still kneel, at any time arises and they should,” said the woman, and Sergei added: “I love a mystery, mythical, unreal mixture of Armenian and Ukrainian cultures in it. I love the fact that she is incredibly gifted in all areas. God gave her the talent feeling, it is feeling. There are moments when I feel like I’m over her an unreal height of the fortress, I am protected. I wish she was over me like a fortress, and it turns out that I am for her. I love her beautiful hair, that’s my strength.”

Snezhana also admitted that he plans to write a book which will tell about the relationship with her husband.

“And the reason why it happened, I’ll tell you in 25 years and write about it in our book. I want about our life, about our relationship to write an autobiographical book, to know the truth to no one after leaving nothing more to invent”.

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