Scientists have described a unique phenomenon in the earth’s atmosphere

The phenomenon associated with magnetism.

Вчені розповіли про унікальне явище в земній атмосфері

Unmanned space station, NASA has documented in the area of the magnetosphere mysterious event called magnetic reconnection. Observed phenomenon will allow professionals to further understand the impact of the phenomenon on our planet and the Universe as a whole, according to Rus.Media.

The spacecraft was sent into space in 2015 with the help of rockets “Cape Canaveral”, belonging to the air force. The main purpose of the device was collecting data on the microphysics of magnetic reconnection.

It should be noted that the specialists have already seen phenomenon in Earth’s magnetosphere. Then they were able to trace the streams of ionized hydrogen atoms. The last discovery made it possible to see the phenomenon as a new form which has arisen in the more turbulent area of the air envelope of the Earth.

A new phenomenon, unlike previous, emitted e-jet record small sizes, but not ionized hydrogen atoms. As noted by the expert Michael Shay, the electrons move much faster than ions — about 40 times.

During further researches scientists learn the essence of the space environment and properties of the Universe.

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