Scientists have created stem cells in 3D

Experts have created a device that gives you the opportunity to visualize the cell structure.

Вчені створили стовбурову клітину у форматі 3D

Free the specified tool can benefit everyone, reports Rus.Media.

A group of American scientists from the Allen Institute, which is located in Seattle (USA), under the leadership of Greg Johnson, who has developed innovative tool that gives you the opportunity to recreate the structure of any cells with minimal data. Powderless that the appliance will last only outward signs of the cell.

After creating 3D models of cells, scientists can clearly understand how it functions, to study the processes and to predict its further development. This allows specialists to see cancer cells at different stages of development, to identify the disease in its early stages.

It is known that the creation of this device, researchers had to make thousands of images that have been loaded into the neural network. After increasing the amount of available information, this network learned to predict the structure of the cell. This unit is primarily aimed to work with stem cells and has the ability to create 3D models. The creators of unique equipment, told that in the future she will be able to work with normal human cells.

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