Now looks like the actress of the series “Wild angel”

This year the actress that played in the TV series Martha the maid fifty years. How now looks Valeria Lorca?

Як зараз виглядає актриса серіалу "Дикий Ангел"

It should be noted that a television series this year will be 20 years old. When Valerie was offered a role in the Argentinean TV series she was thirty years old. She is now 50 years old and it has not changed. Actress quite often posts her photos on social media and fans can be aware of her life and the changes in appearance. Lorca still slim. Only her hair became shorter, reports Rus.Media .

Як зараз виглядає актриса серіалу "Дикий Ангел"

Як зараз виглядає актриса серіалу "Дикий Ангел"

After participating in “Wild angel” actress has become very popular at home. She is now actively acted in television series and movies, but most of the time is her work in the theater.

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