Natural prescription for hair loss

As it happens, many women after childbirth much hair fall out.

Природний рецепт від випадіння волосся

Until the moment when I lost more than half of hair, someone told me to try a guaranteed remedy for hair loss – cosmetic oil, nettle (you can buy it at the pharmacy, sometimes in the departments of cosmetics stores). To my surprise, it didn’t just helped, but cured my hair the first time. It stopped falling out, became smooth, silky, even disappeared dandruff, informs Rus.Media.

Here is the recipe for the mask:

To the desired amount of nettle oil (on medium length hair is 2 tablespoons), add a pinch of salt, mix well and apply on hair roots and then along the entire length. Putting your head in a shower cap, top, warm hat. Keep the mask for 1-2 hours. Wash your hair with shampoo.

A great way! And most importantly it accelerates the growth and improves the appearance of hair.

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