Look like a professional driver to Park the truck

Not all foot in a boot fall just like it trailer in free space.

Дивись, як професійний водій паркує фуру

American trucker shot using a quadcopter video as he parks a large trailer between two others, and commented on the events on video, reports Rus.Media.

Approaching the empty space, he holds tighter to near the truck (that on the left side), as far a truck he can’t see at all. Hit almost perfect the first time.

But only almost. The driver commented: “There is nothing wrong to go ahead and get flatter. There are bad days, sometimes good. If you missed the first time, it does not mean that you are bad.” Strongly agree! Five times better to go forward than to leave the car parked crooked. It is not only for trucks.

The phrase about “good and bad days,” the author confirms the other roller, and the third time may not Park in a smaller space. A number of trucks before the truck did not give him sufficient space for maneuvering, and Parking spaces have had to retreat.

As a bonus — cutting filigree maneuvers of drivers of tractors. We wish everyone a modicum of their skills!

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