In Moscow two teenagers jumped from the 14th floor, wrapped with tape

In Moscow the lovers are high school students jumped from the skyscraper, holding hands.

У Москві двоє підлітків зістрибнули з 14-го поверху, обмотавшись скотчем

Sunday, may 13, in Moscow, two 17-year-olds jumped from the 14th floor, reports Rus.Media.

The victims name was Alexander. and Nicholas St. They went to the same school and they were often seen together. Residents of the home from which they jumped, often chased them out of the house.

Before the jump they strapped themselves to each other with tape and jumped down, holding hands.

The suicide note they left.

Earlier Russian College student opened fire on classmates with a gun, and then killed himself.

Also in Russia, the student wounded two people, set the fire and tried to commit suicide.

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