How to eat the first berries and fruits without harm to health

In may begins the season of summer gifts of nature, but they need to be consumed with caution.

Як їсти перші ягоди і фрукти без шкоди здоров&#039ю

Still only may, and in the bazaars and supermarkets already sell strawberries. The sweet cherry is also one of the first appears on our tables. However, the first summer fruits and berries can be fraught with danger to your body, if you do not follow precautions, which our readers, warns doctor-gastroenterologist of the highest category Oksana Ivanova, Rus reports.Media.

To your health after eating the first berries not damaged, observe the following safety rules:

Buy berries and fruit in season

It is important to remember that the early berries and fruits, as a rule, cultivation is treated with various chemicals for rapid maturation. These fruits contain low nutrients, but absorb fertilizer. The use of these products can cause poisoning. Therefore, it would not have wanted to try the first strawberry, it is better to wait until the season of berries and they start to Mature naturally without the stimulation of chemical substances. Before to buy the same strawberries or cherries to bring home, try berries on the palate. Grown using fertilizers, the berries have no pronounced flavor.

Good clean fruit

Needless to say that the berries and fruits used fresh, should be thoroughly cleaned before eating. Especially strawberries, because it grows close to the ground and may be infected with a helminthic invasion. Therefore, all berries, be sure to rinse well several times in warm running water to minimize the risk of infection helminthic infestation. In the case of symptoms of helminth infection (abdominal pain, malaise, nausea) should seek immediate medical attention.

Do not take chances if there is any pathology of the gastrointestinal tract

Not all people can eat the berries raw. If you have any pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, e.g. peptic ulcer or gastritis in anamnesis or in the acute stage, the fruit acids contained in fresh fruits and berries, is contraindicated. People with similar problems berries and fruits should be consumed only thermally treated, in the form of fruit pies, compotes, etc.

Don’t overdo it

All winter and spring we had the opportunity to eat your favorite berries, so it is understandable the desire to eat them in season and to saturate the body with vitamins. However, it should be remembered that after a long absence of summer berries and fruits in the diet of the enzymes necessary for the digestion of such food, the body is not enough. At the same time, a large number of glucose that is contained in berries and fruit, is a serious burden on the pancreas, and use the habit of a large number of such food can cause pain in the abdomen, bloating, discomfort. Adaptation of the enzyme system, as a rule, is 20-21 days. So any new product should be introduced gradually, starting with small amounts, say a handful of strawberries or cherries. But if you adapted a healthy body berries should be consumed only as a dessert for not more than 150 grams, but not as a main meal.

Beware of allergies!

Before the first summer fruits and berries need to be careful about the people having an Allergy history. This is especially true of red fruits, which typically contain substances-allergens. If you notice any Allergy and it can be linked to the consumption of berries, you should immediately consult a doctor. Because food allergies can behave differently. It can be expressed as a simple rash on the skin, and the more serious manifestations such as angioedema.

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