Folk omens on 14 may – the Day of Jeremiah of Zapravleny

At this time, carried out a large number of sowing, weather for may 14 was set warm and the summer is will be soon.

Народні прикмети на 14 травня – День Веремія Запрягальника

Usually may 14 satva gooseberry, flew the swift, which was greeted with great joy and were treated to bread crumbs, hemp seeds. The people may 14, was called Jeremiah-Remnick, Prati, Zapasnik, Jeremiah-suprageneric, Aramni-Sasatel crops. Of course, all of these names was not accidental: indeed, the Rigmarole was conducted a large number of sowing, weather for may 14 was set to heat, and said that summer is so close. Recalled past spring and met her, calling the day prtm. Said on 14 may even the lazy plow in a field is, reports Rus.Media.

In the Orthodox Church may 14, prays for the glory of the Holy Jeremiah, which is popularly known as Zapasnik or Suprageneric. According to custom, it now began the most difficult and exhausting work, which was very important to farmers. Not surprisingly, during this period, the people asked God’s help and protection against the adverse natural phenomena, which could prevent you from receiving a rich harvest. There was a belief, according to which Jeremiah in the day of 14 may harness his celestial chariot and spreads bread, and helps the farmers. After people and animals will finally get tired during the harvest, Jeremiah harnessed animals, and has completed all work. This belief appeared because the name Veremey consonant with the word “yoke”. And also said that in the days of their prophecies by God’s command he wore “wooden ties and treasures”.

With the first dew of may 14, the people came out in the sow, but before that, the peasants definitely served a moleben to the prophet Jeremiah. Once засівальщики14 may have entered the land, they prayed, looking to the East, South and West. Throwing a handful of rye on each side and worshipped. Only then was it possible to get to work. Sowed oats on 14 may and up until bloom of Apple and pear or never ceased to fly long black flies, which called oat the flies.

The people said that good weather will allow you to obtain in the future a rich harvest.

Folk omens on may 14

Cloudy weather on this day, winter will come early and will be very frosty

Clear weather – will be a good harvest

Mosquitoes appeared in Jeremiah – it’s time to go into the field and sow rye

14 may not lend grain and seeds – no harvest

Fir cones turn red, and pine green – it is possible to sow barley

Is the bad weather – a sign that winter will be harsh

Evening dew a clear day portends

When all the water from the melted snow will go – sign to what can be sown early spring, and late sowing after flowering viburnum.

Wheat and winter rye it is better to sow in the full moon, and oats – 2 days before or after the full moon.

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