Flat tummy and firmer butt for three weeks!

Ten cool exercises that will help to reduce body fat in problem areas of the female body.

Плоский животик і пружна попа за три тижні!

Here’s the thing: fat on belly and hips to fatten easily, but to get rid of it easy! Who ever faced this problem, will agree how much of a Herculean effort you have to make to get rid of extra inches at the waist and return to your buttocks elasticity.

We are adults and realise that there was a sense, to do a comprehensively. Massage techniques, sauna, diet, hardware techniques, of course, well help fight fat deposits. However, without physical activity do not succeed. Only regular exercise will help to achieve the “wow effect” and to subsequently maintain the result.

Exercise # 1: Lunges with twisting

Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width of the pelvis. Take a step forward with the right leg, performing a lunge, tilting your body forward and turning the torso with the right hand. Return to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times.

This exercise is excellent trains the gluteus muscles. It has inertia, that is, the muscle is trained in a mode as close as possible to the movement you make in your daily life. Performing torso twists, you actively engage the core muscles.

Плоский животик і пружна попа за три тижні!



Exercise # 2: hip Abduction in plank

Starting position – the horizontal plank. Arms bent at the elbows. Maintaining a neutral body position, first raise the right leg up, then slowly withdraw the thigh parallel to the floor to the side. Return to the starting position. 7-10 times for each leg. The most important thing in this exercise is to hold the position of the pelvis!

The plank is a great exercise to train the abdominal muscles, it forms a skill to keep a neutral body position. To use the muscles of the buttocks, I propose to perform in the band of hip abduction.

Плоский животик і пружна попа за три тижні!

Exercise # 3: Shoulder bridge

Everyone is familiar with exercise for gluteal can say is classic. Only few people know that with the right performance of this exercise to the work involved abdominal muscles.

Starting position: lying on back, legs bent at the knees, feet are on width of the basin. Raise hands, press palms to each other (in this position, you will reduce the bearing area and to keep a neutral body position will become more difficult, therefore, included in the work additional muscle groups). In the initial position start the UPS pelvis, watching to keep the tension in the gluteal muscles and abdominal muscles. Do 10-15 times.

Плоский животик і пружна попа за три тижні!


Exercise # 4: leg Lifts in the “Square”

Starting position: get on your knees and place your palms on the floor under the shoulder joints. The knees should not touch each other – they are on the width of the hip joints. Bowls pull and uprites them on the floor. Check the position of the back. It should be straight, without bending at the waist. Together with the floor and your body forms an isosceles “square”.

Now shift your body weight on toes and lift your knees off the floor without changing the position of the body (back parallel to floor, the angle in knees is 90 degrees). Lock the position. Hold the balance, lift right leg off the floor and lift it up to the thighs parallel with the floor. When lifting the leg stays bent, the fifth aims at the ceiling.

Slowly lower the right leg to the toe and repeat movement with left leg.

If you hold the knees on weight does not work, drop them on the floor. And do alternate leg lifts with knees. Most importantly – keep a neutral back position (no deflection).

Exercise actively engages the abdominal muscles, including the muscles-the stabilizers and gluteal muscles.

Exercise # 5: Functional inclinations on one leg

Starting position: stand on right leg and put your hands up. With the shoulders, try to lower down, as if to show the world what you have a long neck. Slide the blades and lock this position.

Bring the raised leg back and the case together with hands tilt forward. Try to stretch your palms forward and your raised leg with all their strength to push back. So you will be easier to keep balance on one leg. Return to starting position.

Don’t forget that the arms move in the same plane with the body and make one straight. Do the same on the other leg.

In this exercise involved the core muscles and buttocks. They play the role of stabilizers of your body.

Exercise # 6: Lateral functional tilt

This exercise resembles the previous one, it only changes the plane of motion. Then you lean forward and take the leg back, now raised leg goes in one direction, and the body and hands you deviate in the opposite direction. You – the pendulum of the metronome!

Starting position: stand with your feet shoulder width apart and put your hands up. Remember: hands reach up and shoulders down in opposition. On the exhale, squeeze the shoulder blades. Imagine that between the shoulder blades you have clamped the coin that should not be missed before the end of the exercise. Tear off the floor right leg and pull it to the side. With the arms and body simultaneously stretch in opposite direction. And return to starting position. Do this 15 times on one leg 15 times in the other. Perform the movement slowly, feel how tense the abs and hips. Ensure that the back remains flat, and hands ahead of the body.

Exercise # 7: Squats on unstable surface

To a normal squat involved in the work the small abdominal muscles, you need to do them on an unstable surface. This will perfectly suit the unstable platform BOSU, core Board or medicine balls. Because the only way you will force the body to continually catch balance means to develop their muscles-stabilizers.

The Board coach! Squatting on such fitness equipment, relax your legs, push the hips back and Flex your core muscles. This will improve the control of my body and will not fall.

Exercise # 8: hip Abduction T-bridge

Starting position: lie on your right side and lean on the elbow, which in turn should be placed strictly under the shoulder joint. Straight legs put on each other.

Tighten your core muscles and lift your buttocks off the floor. Left hand move behind your head or straighten up. If you look at yourself in the mirror at this point, your body you form lying on its side letter “T”. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Then, without dropping the pelvis, lift left foot, move it forward and then back. Try to keep the level position of the body, not overwhelm it forward and backward and to change the position of the hip joints.

Exercise # 9: Cross lunge with the transition to T-bridge

This is a difficult coordination exercise, which consists of two interrelated exercises – double screen lunge and side plank or T-bridge, as it is called.

Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width of the pelvis. Make crossed attack back. To do this you need to step the right leg back, left leg and sit down. Then lean forward and place your palms on the floor beside the standing foot ahead of foot. Substitute the left leg to the right – you will be in a position strap on outstretched arms. Expand the body left and raise your right hand up, now you have lateral. Hold the position for a few seconds and do the exercise in reverse order. The next time you make a step the left leg back and do the side bar on the left hand.

This exercise improves coordination, teaches engaged to hold the neutral body position, keeping the natural curves in the spine, and significantly reduces the risk of back injuries.

Exercise # 10: “Skater”

Плоский животик і пружна попа за три тижні!

At the end of our workout we will add the exercise of an explosive nature.

Starting position: standing on the floor, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, back straight. Move your right foot back behind left, then, without touching her sex, with a force push right foot forward (diagonal to center) and jump move it to the weight of the body. Repeat movement with left leg. Bringing one leg back, try to touch toe in front standing legs of opposite hand. To do this, bend up the feet straight back.

Exercise much like the course of a skater sliding on the ice. It? To increase the pace and run non-stop at its maximum speed for 30 seconds or more. Remember, the further you pull the leg back, and the deeper amplitude of this double screen of the attack, the more involved gluteus and abs.

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