Early indications that the level of sugar in your blood is very high!

This can lead to diabetes and other health problems.

Ранні ознаки того, що рівень цукру у вашій крові дуже високий!

Do you ever feel the hunger? Gained weight, despite reducing the number of calories? Or maybe recently you have noticed that your stomach that something is wrong? If you answered Yes to even one of these questions, then maybe the level of sugar in your blood is high, reports Rus.Media.

Many people mistakenly think that “high sugar” is only possible in people suffering from diabetes. In fact, sugar can rise from certain foods, and it’s not just about candy, soda and cakes. Especially dangerous is high blood sugar that maintains its position for a long time. This can lead to diabetes and other health problems. Knowledge of the symptoms of high blood sugar will help you make the necessary steps that will keep the sugar under control.

What are the causes of high blood sugar?

There can be several:

poor nutrition;

the lack of regular exercise;


certain health problems;

taking certain medicines.

What are the symptoms of high blood sugar?

Ранні ознаки того, що рівень цукру у вашій крові дуже високий!

Elevated sugar levels in blood isn’t always a sign of diabetes. This is just one of the symptoms of diabetes. In fact, the person experiencing hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) may not experience any symptoms at all.

Nevertheless, these symptoms may indicate elevated sugar levels:

increased thirst;

dry mouth;

the constant feeling of hunger;

frequent urination, including at night;

dry/itchy skin;

fatigue during the day;

the difficulty in concentration;

quick weight gain;

recurrent infections;

unclear vision;


slow healing of cuts and wounds;

problems with the nervous system;

problems with the stomach.

A list of foods with a low glycemic index to reduce symptoms of high blood sugar

After eating foods containing carbohydrates, blood sugar increases. In response to this, in the body of a healthy person produced a certain amount of insulin is responsible for converting sugar into energy. The speed with which food raises the blood sugar level is called glycemic index (GI). The scale of the glycemic index consists of 100 units, where 0 is minimum, 100 maximum. The higher the index, the faster the product is absorbed.

Food with high GI is rapidly digested and absorbed, which leads to marked fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Conversely, food with low GI are slowly digested and assimilated, which contributes to the gradual increase of sugar level in the blood.

Preference should be given to products with low GI. Carbohydrates from foods with low GI are converted into energy evenly, and we have time to spend it. And carbohydrates from foods with a high glycemic index, by contrast, are digested too quickly, so the body part of them converts into energy and the other stores energy in the form of fat.

List of products with GI

Replacing foods with a high GI food with a low or moderate GI, you take the first step towards reducing the level of sugar. Below are foods with high, moderate and low value on the glycemic index.

High glycemic index = 70 + (to stop using).

Medium glycemic index = 55-69 + (use with caution).

Low glycemic index = 0-54 (use the high).

Ранні ознаки того, що рівень цукру у вашій крові дуже високий!

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