Dog breeds for children – 4 most good

If the family has young children, there are doubts about whether to get a dog?

Породи собак для дітей - 4 найдобріших
However, you can pick up a dog that gets along well with people and loves kids. For some breeds, these qualities are distinctive, informs Rus.Media.

Labrador Retriever

Породи собак для дітей - 4 найдобріших

If you choose a dog for a large family, best of breed could not be found. She has a good character, she’s great with kids, very smart. But it requires constant communication and therefore is suitable only for those who will not leave her alone for a long time. The Labrador is an active and long paddock.

English Cocker Spaniel

Породи собак для дітей - 4 найдобріших

This is a very friendly dogs that get along well with all family members and even cats. They’re loyal, active, playful, sociable, demanding affection and attention. I can and love to swim. They have a great appetite, so it is important to control the power pet, because he will constantly beg for tidbits. After each outing or at least every other day need to comb long hair pet to avoid tangles.


Породи собак для дітей - 4 найдобріших

Care undemanding pet you can fully trust the teenager 12-14 years. It is a friendly dog that needs constant attention of the owner. Pug long walks are not needed, besides they do not tolerate low temperature. But without walking can not leave them because they need to move. Require special attention eye pet, because dogs of this breed are susceptible to the disease chronic corneal erosion.


Породи собак для дітей - 4 найдобріших

Calm, loyal, friendly dog. She’s a great nanny for the children, enjoy playing with them. But can not stand when it is punished or forced to do something. Collie needs long walks. She has long thick fur, so the dog will have regular brushing.

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