A psychic made a prediction for the future: the Virus, tsunamis and scary animals

The winner of “Battle of psychics” has shared his forecast for 2017 and for the near future.

Екстрасенс зробив прогноз на майбутнє: Вірус, цунамі і страшні тварини

The winner of the 6th season of “Battle of the psychics of Russia” Ziraddin Rzayev shared his forecast for 2017 and for the near future, reports Rus.Media.

According to the psychic, in the near future there will be many events to which humanity is unlikely to be ready. For example, in may or July of this year the Sun will explode, which will lead to major changes. In early fall the virus will spread and people will walk in masks.

Also in European countries will be the tragedy: aircrafts that belong to the UK, France and Switzerland, are annihilated. One plane will fall into the water.

In the United States in 2018 and 2019, will be the intensification of the giant volcano, and it will be all a nightmare. As if the earth “she would declare war on the entire world.” 2017 and 2018, earthquakes and tsunamis. “You see disasters in the Philippines, Thailand and India. Also in Turkey, the situation will be uneasy”.

Rzayev also said that after Vladimir Putin the President of Russia is the person born under the sign of Virgo. It is a very powerful and strong man. He has vast experience and great knowledge, which will focus on the development and prosperity of the country.

Well, the interesting thing is that in the next 50 years in the water and on land will be unusual and scary animals. It will be genetically modified creation. “I also see that the world is rid of need for electrical wires. People will just replace them”.

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