You have a sudden attack of fear or anxiety is nothing like a panic attack

If you follow all of these recommendations, the probability of panic attacks can be reduced up to 99%. In other cases, you should seek help from a doctor.

У вас раптом виникає напад страху або тривоги - це не що інше, як панічна атака

You have a sudden attack of fear or anxiety is nothing like a panic attack. And this is a fairly common symptom, especially in people aged 25 to 55 years. However, many are not even aware of the tendency for panic attacks. They attribute this state any physical ailments, I go to the doctors, and they can’t diagnose .., informs Rus.Media.

Deceptive symptoms

Panic attacks or anxiety last from a few minutes to half an hour and are always accompanied by additional symptoms: chills, sweating, tachycardia, feeling short of breath, dizziness, or numbness in the hands and feet, fever, pain in different parts of the body and so on. Then the anxiety and fear fade away, and these symptoms remain.

The manifestation of panic attacks can be triggered by several factors. In the first place – genetic predisposition. If the parents or other relatives were panic attacks, and in children they can occur. Also on the manifestation of the attacks can affect the psychological portrait of a man. Harsh living conditions, especially in childhood, psychological discomfort, fear, stress and other troubles can form a stable tendency towards panic attacks. In addition, it often affects women during the period of hormonal changes (pregnancy, childbirth, menopause).

From external situations that might provoke a panic attack, it should be particularly noted: cranial and brain trauma, severe stress, excessive physical activity, work with computer more than 8 hours. On the day, chronic disease and malnutrition.

Will help auditory training

You should know: if the first anxiety attack happened in any specific external event, in the future, even decades later, when people already forget about what happened, an event similar to what happened may provoke an attack. This fact is very important in the treatment of panic attacks, as it allows to cure the disease without drugs by directed psychotherapy.

Besides her there are other methods of treatment. These include auditory training, aimed at self-regulation by the individual of his state and consciousness. The easiest and all available autotherapeutic method, able to put an end to panic attacks, such. Write with his hand (important!) on paper these “magic” words: “the Panic goes! I’ll be fine! I’ll do it!”. This piece wear constantly and you can hardly feel the approach of an attack, expand it, and thrice read his record. The effect is stunning – the panic will recede in time.

And the most powerful autosharewks room is this: ask yourself at the peak of a panic attack 3 questions and answer them. Here are the questions:

– What do I see?

– What do I hear?

– What do I feel?

Repeat these questions and answers as long as the panic will not go.

To reduce the likelihood up to 99%

From home remedies will help to normalize the mode of the day, a mandatory sleep (at least 8 hours) Compliance with the system of proper nutrition with the exception of alcohol and the introduction in the diet of vegetables and lean meat.

To prevent panic attacks is well suited aromatherapy: peppermint tablet in the mouth, smear of the Vietnamese balm “Golden star” on the nose, 2-3 drops of rosemary oil or sandalwood on handkerchief inhalation of these substances with the rapid increase in panic stops her painful onslaught.

Finally, highly effective mild painful stimuli. The propensity for panic attacks wear on your wrist the rubber band and upon the occurrence of a panic pull it and shlednuti the skin – this simple action will instantly bring you back to the real world.

As medicines can take a pharmacy or natural herb medicines that have a calming effect: mint, lemon balm, Valerian, motherwort, chamomile.

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