Why can’t I connect to Wi-Fi in strange places

Free Wi-Fi network appear not only in cafes but also in public transport.

Чому не можна підключатися до Wi-Fi в незнайомих місцях

Looks very attractive — even the password is not necessary to enter, take it and enjoy it. The idea is cool, and that’s just such a network most often used by the cyber criminals, reports Rus.Media.

Anywhere your phone is connected to Wi-Fi searches for a network connection, transmitting a unique MAC address. Receivers Wi-Fi get request and store data in a special folder.

Imagine you walked into a large shopping center with Wi-Fi enabled. After a few minutes marketers get data about where you went and where how much time is spent. Accordingly, they can customize targeted advertising based on this information.

Чому не можна підключатися до Wi-Fi в незнайомих місцях

Simply put, you are completely free have provided information about yourself to people who now earn you money.

But it is by far not the most dangerous. Protection of open Wi-Fi network in principle is absent. An attacker could use basic software to log in to open your session — even the term is, session hijacking.

Чому не можна підключатися до Wi-Fi в незнайомих місцях

The way out of the situation, of course. Choose sites that transmit data only over a secure HTTPS connection. Do not use the services which require authorization, and certainly do not risk to go to the Internet banking. Failure to follow these safety rules can turn free surfing on an open network in the most expensive Internet in your life.

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