Why can’t drink coffee with milk?

Experts have revealed the danger of drinking coffee with milk.

Чому не можна пити каву з молоком?

The doctor revealed the danger of drinking coffee with milk. Nutritionists told what new dangers await when you receive a coffee with milk. According to experts, the new substance has problems in uptake, and some time in the stomach, reports Rus.Media.

The basis of the studies took people’s desire to drink the black aromatic drink. However, due to health issues, many who cannot afford it. To protect your body common to drink coffee with milk. Positive action from the obtained substance no.

Nutritionists report that the milk changes the taste a bit and reduces the amount of consumed caffeine, but however, its effect on health.

Doctors confidently state that in coffee there are substances “tatini” that speed up metabolism when injected into the human body, and the calcium in milk has a positive effect. The use of the two complex components is not useful.

By the way, scientists from the Medical College of Qingdao University (China) found a way to overcome depression. To combat the negative experts have proposed using the available method. Drinking the famous drink, people acquire cheerfulness and positive attitude.

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