Thought will not survive Jamal told how her son was circumcised

Jamal and her husband told how they live after the birth of her son.

Думала, що не переживу: Джамала розповіла, як її синові робили обрізання

Ukrainian singer and coach of “the Voice-8” Jamal, which is more than a month ago for the first time became a mother, spoke about how he suffered when her son was circumcised, reports Rus.Media.

These details she shared with the “high life”.

“I was all white, I thought would not survive when he cried,” she confessed. It is noted that the procedure is done surgeons.

“Make circumcision necessary, and the sooner the better. In General it is necessary on the seventh day, if you don’t have time at the seventh, 14th. We did on the 14th,” – said the husband of singer Bekir Suleymanov.

Recall that Bekir gave the boy the name of the Crimean Tatar Emir-Rahman seit-Bekir, aghili Suleymanov. He also was present at birth.

And help young parents and grandparents. They even created a chat in which coordinate menu for the young mother and cook.

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