They met online, and she had to take baths in his blood

In especially successful days, the number of messages reaches 500! And in the most romantic she imagined taking a bath in his blood.

Вони познайомилися в інтернеті, а вона уявляла, як буде приймати ванни у його крові

Imagine how many times a day cursed himself for the folly of some — because of security reasons his name is American (let’s call it for simplicity, let’s say Peter), who called out the 31-summer resident of Arizona Jacqueline Ades. Young people found each other in 2017 on a Dating site. Exchanged a few messages — “You’re pretty darn attractive, I’m damn attractive…”, that’s all and decided to move the communication in the real world, reports Rus.Media.

Then said the girl, one date she had to fall to death. Peter doesn’t answer, and to lure him to the second rendezvous known to humanity by any means possible. Although Jacqueline actually used one — the bombing of the letters.

According to lucky, an epistolary bombardment of the defeat was carried out according to it, almost without a pause for a smoke, lunch and get yourself. In a separate, especially grain days, the number of messages reached five hundred. (Well, in a few months she sent him some 65,000 messages!)

Peter at first the whole love boarding amused, then began to get… And it was not so bad! One day, browsing from your smartphone surveillance camera in his house, he saw with horror that Dulcinea snuck in there without permission and right now is taking a bath! With a trembling hand, he dialed the police. Law enforcement authorities arrived, they brought the woman out of the tub and searched her car. In the passenger seat was found nice thing — a knife for cutting meat, but to store kitchenware in personal vehicles is not prohibited by law, and Jacqueline were let go without charges.

And if you think that the visit to the Department cooled the ardor of her love, it did! Moreover — Jacqueline as a substitute! Past romance in the texts are not gone. Now she wrote to him like this:

Oh, what I would do with your blood … I’d like to take a bath.

Don’t even try to leave me … I will kill you … I don’t want to become a murderer.

Oh, and trivia: an American called Hitler a genius and compared himself to him in a flattering sense. Well, here it is getting through even Arizona law enforcement: lady pen was arrested and now on trial for the persecution of a person and the invasion of privacy.

And we repeat to you, to leave you should be able!

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