The names of the people with strong energy – strong names

These names from ancient times was considered strong since they give their owners a special energy.

Імена людей з сильною енергетикою -  найсильніші імена

These names from ancient times was considered strong since they give their owners a special energy, reports Rus.Media.

You may wear one of the strongest on energy name. A name that gives you specific character traits, which affect your destiny, which gives you strength and confidence. It is important to Know the secret of his name, to use your hidden potential and be confident.

The strongest names give people generosity, openness, justice, courage, strength, inner impulse to do something. The names of the winners, energetically strong people with a spine.

The names give their owners a strong energy

Alexander — translated as “protector of the people”, brave, strong, optimistic and impulsive people.

Evgenia — Greek noble, strong, passionate, intellectually developed personality.

Vladimir — translated “Lord of the world”, “Lord of the world,” the militant, a leader by nature, strong person.

Inna — Latin for “turbulent flow”, temperamental, changeable, strong, honest woman.

Daniel — translated as “my judge”, strong, balanced, with an analytical mind.

Karina — Latin: “ruling a ship”, a bright personality, generous, with the strong inner energy.

Mark — Latin for “hammer,” strong, zealous, dominant, a winner.

Mar — translated as “the teacher Mrs.”, purposeful, stable, steady, calm.

Hleb — old Norse: “the beloved of the gods”, a strong spirit, persistent and confident person.

Regina — Latin: “Queen, Queen”, active, hardy, industrious, bright energy.

Maxim is Latin for “greatest”, the name gives strength of spirit, courage, reliability of this man.

Tatyana Greek: “the organizer, set the rules”, emotional, communicative, loves order.

Vsevolod — Slavic: “owning everything and everyone”, even-tempered, sociable, communicative, strong man.

Elvira — Germanic: “the protector of the people”, kind, honest, considerate, with a strong energy personality.

Nazar — Arabic for “far-sighted”, strong, exciting, controversial, militant soul.

Yaroslav Slavic: “bright fame”, a cheerful, bright, talented, strong-willed personality.

Arseniy — translated “courageous,” gives the name a large internal energy, responsible and sincere person.

Alex — Greek for “defender”, a strong-willed person with a developed intuition.

Taisiya Latin: “fertile,” proud, independent and unapproachable, calculating.

Bogdan — “God given”, quiet, reserved, confident, strong-willed person.

Maya is translated as”goddess of fertility”, emotional, powerful energy, able to energize others.

Ostap is the name in Greek means “solid”, “steady”, the leader is confident, an optimist with strong energy.

Kira — Greek: “lady, mistress”, practical, strict, compassionate, of strong character and high internal energy.

Orestes is from Greek. “the mountain” strong, courageous, purposeful, stubborn man.

Irina ancient Greek: “world”, confident, independent, purposeful, successful, strong personality.

Stanislav, a Slavic name “the glorious”, active, enterprising, strong-willed people.

Zoya ancient Greek: life, reliable, stable, confident, sincere, with an internal resistance, and strength.

Victor is Latin for “the winner”, an optimist, a leader, patient, thoughtful, calm person.

Eve Hebrew: “living the life”, the first female name, self-confident, strong-willed and sensibility, independent nature.

Ruslan — in Turkic lion, a real fighter, strong-willed personality, open-minded person.

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