The main commandment for the father. The father is an example, whether he wants it or not

The main duty of a father towards children is to love their mother.

Головні заповіді для батька. Батько є прикладом, хоче він того чи ні

The first duty of a father towards children is to love their mother, informs Rus.Media.

Without love it is impossible long to sustain the burden of family life. It is impossible to be a father “out of duty”. Education is always a “team game”. In a married couple where children grow up, sincere harmony and profound unity would bring joy and help to grow, being for them a solid Foundation. The father can protect the mother “replacing” her and giving her the opportunity to relax, recover and find a little time for yourself.

Father first of all have to be.

His presence should mean: “you, my family is the most important thing in my life.” Statistics say that the average parent devotes to raising children, less than five minutes a day. Some studies show the existence of relationship between father’s absence and poor academic achievement of children in school, their low IQ, crime and aggression. This is not the time, and the present communication. In the case of the father means to communicate with children, to discuss their work and problems, to involve them in your life as possible. And to learn to notice all the small and large signs that are constantly sending children.

The father is the example he wants to or not.

Today, the father plays a very important role, because the child can rely on him, and in his power to manage the child. First of all, the father is the example, it stimulates the choice of specific behaviors of the child in accordance with the principles of fairness and education. In short, the father is the example of honesty, decency and goodwill. Even if children are not aware of it, and sometimes deny it, in fact they look at what and how the father does and why he does so, and not otherwise. What we call conscience, to a large extent depends on the personality of the father.

The father provides the reliability.

The father is a security guard. The whole family waits for the father to protect her. Father protects when defines certain rules, the temporal and spatial limits, sometimes forbidding certain things: it is the best way of saying “I care about you.”

Father encourages and gives strength.

The father proves his love by respecting, listening and accepting. His love is real, as those who said, “whatever happens, I’m always with you!” Due to this, occurs in children’s self-esteem. The father is always ready to help their children compensate for their weaknesses.

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