The girl dropped her phone in the ocean. What happened next shocked the world! (video)

Teressa si vacationing with friends in the Bahamas. One day of this vacations she went on the floating platform in the Atlantic ocean, to swim with the dolphins.

Дівчина впустила телефон у океан. Те, що сталося далі, вразило весь світ! (відео)

Everything was going great — the sun, good company and lots of positive emotions, as happened suddenly a nuisance. By accident Teresi the phone fell from her hands and fell into the water, reports Rus.Media.

The girl already said goodbye to his mobile, when suddenly something incredible happened. One of the dolphins suddenly emerged from the water, and his mouth had the same phone. Miracles, and more!

The probability that after such an undersea adventure phone will work again, is extremely small. However, this case Teressa is unlikely to remember with sadness.

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