The best source of omega-3

Sea foods are rich in fatty acids.

Названо найкраще джерело кислот Омега-3

Fatty acids omega-3 are important for maintaining human health: through their actions reduced the risk of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Scientists said that valuable acids can be sea corals, worms and molluscs, reports Rus.Media .

Necessary body fatty acids omega-3 can be obtained from the body of many invertebrate creatures that inhabit the marine ecosystem, – this was reported by scientists from the University of Stirling. Their study showed that invertebrate marine organisms have a particular gene, whose activity is connected with manufacture of enzyme which participates in the synthesis process of fatty acids omega-3.

Omega-3 restore the lipid layer of cell membranes and due to this feature contributes to improvement in the condition of blood vessels and arteries. In particular, they provide active excretion from the blood vessels of cholesterol in the bile

Usually as source of these valuable components is specified fatty sea fish, which is recommended to drink two to three times a week. The opening of this project is that the researchers found not only fish, but almost all the inhabitants of the seabed may be providers of omega-3.

“Our study demonstrates that invertebrates, including corals, rotifers, mollusks, and crustaceans polichetti, contain enzymes that allow creatures to produce omega-3. We were convinced that genes of invertebrates is capable of, although many scientists previously thought it was controversial,” said the authors.

What products and in what quantity should be consumed to keep the organism receives the necessary amount of data fat?


canola oil, enough to eat one tablespoon per day;

flax seeds, enough to eat one teaspoon;

raw (dried) nuts – up to eight a day;

fresh salmon, lightly preparing enough to eat in a day and seventy grams;

canned sardines – not more than ninety grams;

canned tuna – not more than one hundred and twenty grams.

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