Step by step guide of buying used cars

Buying a used car is a lottery , but if you know and apply the basic rules for choosing a used car , you can become the happy owner of the main prize – a great car for a reasonable price. With the right approach to buying a car on the secondary market, become a real the following advantages:


Покрокова інструкція покупки б / у авто


Buying a used car is a lottery, but if you know and apply the basic rules for choosing a used car, you can become the happy owner of the main prize – a great car for a reasonable price. With the right approach to buying a car on the secondary market, become a real the following advantages: – reasonable price – you can buy a car from 500 $ to infinity, depending on needs and possibilities, sometimes it’s the only way to become the owner of the car ; – In most cases the liquidity – 2-3 years car you can sell almost for the same price ( of course minus the cost of repairs, and if you choose a car correctly, then damage will be low), and the new car loses at least 20 % of the price, just leaving the salon ; – The ability to buy a car a class above, the way the higher the grade, the more the life of the car; – Many believe that previously, the quality of cars was much higher.

Where to start?

So where to start? You first need to determine the model that best meets Your needs and will be in potrebni price category. At this stage, to recommend something impossible as many cars, so many people and everyone has their own preferences and tastes. Will help reviews of real owners, who can now be found on many automotive sites. With the help of reviews, you can calculate the “weaknesses” of the model and to get a General idea from the joy of owning this car. The main thing is to read the reviews through the filter of common sense, as there is a human characteristic to write on the Internet about sore, and if the man says that everything breaks and falls off, there may be a problem specific to the “slain” instance. It is therefore necessary to look for common positions in various reviews, if 5 of the owners wrote that after 100,000 mileage flowed the steering rack – so when the diagnosis should be given to this node, special attention. Once You have decided on the model, study its weaknesses ( which are preferably discharged separately ) and features, time to start studying. Better to start with Internet ads. The main objective is to get an idea about the real market price and to weed out superfluous, because in the Internet there are a lot of ads with very low and with a clearly inflated price, which place “speculators” in order to more profitable to buy or sell this model. In the case of a very low price, it is possible “hackneyed” car, which is also not an option, because the result of bringing such a machine to “human” form will raise the price above average.


  Покрокова інструкція покупки б / у авто Make an appointment in daylight hours and be sure to put the condition that the car must be clean, as the dirt can hide a lot of defects in paintwork. And a dirty car are difficult to see or painted the individual elements of the body. To better see the different shades of car paint you can use a digital camera, I take pictures of cars at different angles, you more likely to notice the difference than in person, because the camera distinguishes the fewer shades than the human eye. Different shades of color is not terrible, if it was just tinted a scratch and a serious accident will help determine such features as : – Different marking glass. It is better to prepare in advance, and to find in the Internet the correct code year of release window for the chosen model as some sellers like to play a permutation of numbers, and some do labeling and You’ll know how it should look like the original marking ; – All clearances between the parts of the body were uniform; Flange bolts for fenders, hood, doors, trunk must not be damaged. If the bolts painted along with the body parts, the paint should not be disrupted. Often, in order to pick up the paint off the gas cap – also check the mounts for signs of dismantling ; – a HUNDRED to check the geometry of the body on the bench alignment ; – Measure the thickness of lacquer with the instrument, now many have this service. Alternatively, you can use a small magnet (better to use together with cloth to avoid scratching the paint ), applying it to the various parts of the body, you can determine where there is putty, the magnet will fall off. The presence of airbags, to check on computer diagnostics functionality (although the craftsmen have already learned and such errors stirati). After a serious accident some drivers instead of installing new pillows, jammed sensors to not blink the led on the panel. If the steering wheel and the panel in the locations of cushions covered with leather or alcantra means the owner has chosen a “nicer and cheaper “instead of” safe and expensive”.


  Покрокова інструкція покупки б / у авто To determine the condition of the engine without “opening” it is difficult, but there are certain things that you should pay attention to. You should start with the engine start, the engine should start immediately and dramatically ( “explosion” ), no matter hot or cold it is. The engine should be uniform, without shaking and twitching. Noises, rattling or vibration of the engine should immediately be alerted. The cause of instability may be poor quality fuel, there should be no extraneous noise. If with the engine running carefully ( oil may splash) and carefully open the lid of the oil filler neck, and out poured the smoke from the exhaust pipe, then a review can be completed – the engine dying. Same thing if you put an open cover on the neck, and it will bounce. If the motor overheats and its late service on the same oil cover ( on the inner part ) deposited black soot. Carefully inspect the engine for oil stains, traces of sealant or damaged bolts – all traces of problems, a fully operational engine such traces should not be. If You are lucky enough to catch the engine in a cold state, you can check the oil pressure when you first start after an idle the oil pressure indicator on the instrument panel should not burn for longer than 1-2 seconds. Another way to check pressure start the engine, wait 10-15 seconds ( bulb pressure goes out ), stop the engine and immediately turn on the ignition – the good engine while reducing the pressure reaches 5 seconds. The faster the led lights up, the more worn the engine. On warm engine abruptly hit the gas and just release it suddenly, the speed must increase uniformly without interruption, shall be no draganst at lower revs.


  Покрокова інструкція покупки б / у авто If You choose a car with an automatic transmission, when you opened the motor and the brake pedal pressed, move alternately all the modes of the box. When switching there should be no sharp bumps and extraneous sounds. Downhill machine with “automatic” should pull away easily, as if to go, you need to spin the engine at least 1500 rpm, then it’s time in service to carry the money. There is one hard way to check the automatic transmission: you need to put the lever in “D” position, press firmly on the brake (not to fly ) and press accelerator, if the car immediately stalled, box in excellent condition. And if not deaf, rather then drop the gas and turn the neutral or Parking, and that a broken box can be test not to worry. On a car with a manual transmission, turn-by-turn each transfer and each time when the lever is in neutral release the clutch for a few seconds, there should be no audible change in the operation box, and the transfer must be included clearly, with a slight push. At the same time check the clutch, if it is triggered at the very end of pedal travel, then very soon you will have to change it.


  Покрокова інструкція покупки б / у авто Yourself to get an idea about the status of the chassis of the car, You can during the test drive. First, it is better to handle the owner of the car, so it will be better to concentrate on all the sounds that you can hear while driving – knock on the suspension, squeaks in the cabin, the engine and box. At the same time observe how confident the owner of the car includes air conditioning, the lights, the radio, as it will quickly determine when You ask to change it blowing down on the glass or Vice versa. If the host machine does not do it confidently, or lives, means “master,” he recently Klitschko and his ” buy up “. Now it is possible and to try to go a couple of miles, driving note : if the car sideways when accelerating or braking, there is no vibration on the steering wheel when driving, not a squeak pads. Try to drive on a bad road, the suspension will be felt. The best course to test the suspension on the SRT. If the suspension require replacement of the 1-2 element, then this is a great option, because with our roads, yesterday to be all perfect. But if the car was “horse” or ” taxi driver “, the diagnose will come out a lot of problems : shocks, bushings, levers, ragged pallet, etc. This car will require a significant cash infusion to bring its suspension to a comfortable state.


  Покрокова інструкція покупки б / у авто The condition of the cabin demonstrates the attitude of the previous owners to the car. If the cabin is dirty even before the sale, that’s half the trouble, you can do a full dry cleaning salon. And if the plastic is scratched, seats are stained, etc., then it is unlikely the owner with great trepidation belonged to other parts of the vehicle, and you should not rely on its good condition. If You have made at least most of the above, can be easily traded. Better to do it at the end of the examination, then You will be able to operate all found deficiencies. If You check the car to the service station, you can directly specify the cost of the repair and to demand from the seller a discount on this amount + parts. Good luck on the road!


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