Russian Samoilov told the truth about hypnotherapy before Eurovision-2018

Samoilov ignored the teacher.

Росіянка Самойлова сказала неправду про Пугачову перед Євробаченням-2018

Russia’s representative at Eurovision-2018 Julia Samoylova, which was not included in the final before the competition is a lie told media, reports Rus.Media.

Samoylova in an interview with Russian media said that her participation in the contest is supported by the Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva, which Julia calls godmother.

“I occasionally come to her, show songs, ask for advice. My participation in “Eurovision” it also supports. Objections on her part was not. On the contrary, it says that in any case can not give up, and confident steps to achieve my dream,” said Samoylova.

After the failure of Russia at Eurovision was that Pugachev is not only not supported, but Julia refused from participation in the contest. This was stated by the stylist Pugacheva Alisher Hosana.

“I tell you a secret: we even Alla Borisovna is discussed. She also tried to dissuade Julia. I think in the past year, Julia has already declared itself. The song was stronger, and at this stage had to leave. And Julia went on – personally I was not thrilled with the song,” said Hosang.

Росіянка Самойлова сказала неправду про Пугачову перед Євробаченням-2018

That Samoilov was preparing for Ukraine, said earlier the Russian producer Yana Rudkovskaya. The Russian side could not after Samoilova was denied entry into Kyiv, not to send her to Lisbon, but I guess a lot of people were hoping that the girl will refuse.

Recall that Samoilov after the failure of the Lisbon criticized in network of her own countrymen. The girl sang poorly and even forgot the words.

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