Power system: the harmony for a week

When I allow myself indulgences (e.g., during holiday or series of holidays), then get rid of the “niulani” pounds in just a week.

Система харчування: стрункість за тиждень

With no diet for this do not use. Just following worked out by trial and error the optimal diet. Its basic principles are as follows:

  • Be sure to eat Breakfast, after 0.5-1 hour after waking up at least a spoonful of porridge (even if from the morning you do not want), informs Rus.Media.
  • Dine in 12-14 hours. I usually eat soup and something protein (meat, fish) with vegetable salad.
  • To spend the whole day and at the same time dinner from 16 to 19 hours, after which it not eat until bedtime.
  • Snacks can be vegetables and fruits.
  • From the menu should be deleted: fatty dairy products, sausages, mayonnaise. It is not necessary to combine dairy products and flour (especially wheat flour). From this combination it is very easy to gain weight. And if you want, for example, cheese, cottage cheese need to add wheat flour and, say, oatmeal or flax.
  • If you want to eat a cake or chocolate – please! Not only for dessert, but only a couple hours after a scheduled meal and not after 19 hours.

I will not argue that such a regime is ideal from the point of view of nutrition, however me it weight protects for many years. And most importantly, are not forced to abandon delicious.

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