Poltorak told what troops Russia brought to the Ukrainian border and how many appliances

Preparing for war.

Полторак розповів, які війська РФ підвела до українського кордону і скільки там техніки

Russia will not abandon its aggressive policy towards Ukraine, while continuing to pull its troops to the Russian-Ukrainian border.

This was stated by the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, reports “Rus.Media”.

He said that there is no reason to say: “Russia has abandoned the aggressive policy towards Ukraine”. According to the Minister, Russia continues to increase its military potential near the border with Ukraine. According to him, there is now more than 80 thousand troops, prepared about a thousand tanks, many artillery systems and prepare 400 rocket launchers.

Poltorak added that thanks to the southern and Western military districts of Russia the aggressor had the opportunity to build up their military resources for a short period of time. Russia has created an infrastructure that allows you to launch full-scale attack on Ukraine, however, the assurances of the Minister, in Russia there is no group that is willing to conduct such a complicated operation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants more than anything is about the reunification of the disintegrated Soviet Union and the conquest of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government will be introduced sanctions aimed at Russian publishing house, producing more products, which destroys the Ukrainian independence.

Can Russia return the occupied Crimea to Ukraine as well as Moscow early regained independence of the three Baltic States – Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Comments about this news agencies said the special representative of the United States on the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine Kurt Volker.

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